Asking4It Productions is a UK  (Wales based) company making innovative theatre and experimental opera.

The partnering of sculptural practice, experimental writing, musical compositions and performances of contemporary material.

The work is specifically relevant for women and young people but also diverse audiences.

Our current work in development is NATASHA – A triptych – studies in experimental opera. 

April 2016

A HUGE THANK YOU to all our supporters for helping to make our recent crowd funding campaign a resounding success. 

March 2016

We’ve just launched our first crowd funding campaign on https://startsomegood.com/Natasha if you can kindly support our new work Natasha – A triptych – studies in experimental opera.

The campaign is open until April 14th to pledge your support for this exciting production and grab yourself some tickets and other great rewards for forthcoming performances in 2016.

Natasha written by Jane Fox is a libretto which explores aspects of slavery, the sex trade and human trafficking. In 2015 we held a successful research and development period for one section of the libretto; Shelter. This period included a performance for industry professionals and a Q&A discussion. Shelter was supported financially by The Arts Council of Wales.

Ashley John Long composed the part-graphic score for Shelter. We are developing Natasha – A triptych – studies in experimental opera for public performances in 2016.


IMG_4266 (1)
Lara-Clare Bourdeaux and Laura Curry
Tom Smith
Lara-Clare, Laura and Tom
Lara-Clare Bourdeaux, Laura Curry and Tom Smith

Please support Natasha – A triptych – studies in experimental opera through our crowd funding campaign.



Butcher is an examination of genetics, the medical profession, the pharmaceutical and cancer fundraising industries, pink-washing and the surgical removal of healthy breasts and other organs.

Jim 40 winks
James Ottley on cello
Ash 40 yards
Ashley John Long Composer, musical director and double bass

Butcher with original score composed by James Flight was performed in-the-round with tiered seating which was constructed as a circus top. The performers examined audience members with probes and sculptural appendages and film of DNA and surgical incisions were projected on the red drapes.


I admire your great courage in tackling such a contentious and frightening subject. Butcher has been one of the most memorable theatrical performances I have ever seen. Brenda Oakes


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