Prosiectau Presennol – Natasha

Libreto yw Natasha, mewn pymtheg adran hunangynhwysol, sy’n archwilio agweddau ar gaethwasiaeth fodern, y fasnach ryw a masnachu pobl.

Ysgrifennwyd Natasha yn 2012 gan Jane Fox.

Oherwydd maint a graddfa Natasha, rydym yn datblygu tair adran i gychwyn:

Natasha – A triptych – new directions in opera

Dyma’r tair adran:


The Filmmaker and The Organ Trader


Lara-Clare, Laura and Tom
Lara-Clare Bourdeaux, Laura Curry and Tom Smith

Current Project 

Natasha is a libretto in fifteen self-contained sections exploring aspects of modern slavery, the sex trade and human trafficking.

Inspired by Lydia Cacho and her book, ‘Slavery INC, The Untold Story of International Sex Trafficking’ Natasha was written by Jane Fox in 2012.

Due to the scale of Natasha we are initially developing three sections:

Natasha – A triptych – new directions in opera

The three sections are:


The Filmmaker and The Organ Trader


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Critical support for Natasha to date

Ice and Fire, a London based theatre company working with Amnesty International:

Natasha has the potential to be a brave and powerful piece of theatre-opera and the writer is to be admired for the scope and ambition of the work.”

Thomas Griffin, theatre-maker, New York:

“I admire your passion and the fact that you are willing to tackle such a poignant and painful subject.”

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